One of the success stories around events and ideas organised to help Invest in ME Research to fund biomedical research, as well as raise more awareness of ME, is the Walk for ME campaign.

Walk for ME was set up by Sarah-Louise Fittall Jordan, Luke Remnant and Ian McPhee.
The original idea behind Walk for ME was that friends, family and loved ones of an ME sufferer would do a sponsored walk
on their behalf: hence the name Walk for ME. However, as well as walks there has been healthy friends and families of ME sufferers who have done swims, rides and runs!

They aim to continue to get as many friends and loved ones as possible to do a sponsored walk or other sponsored event during ME Awareness month in May although the events occur at any other time of the year.

Since May 2013, Walk for ME has seen amazing people do sponsored walks, swims, runs and rides across the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man, France, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and both coasts of America.
To date Walk for ME has raised over £120,000 including gift aid.

By the end of October Walk for ME had raised over £27,000 including gift aid for this year alone!
Every penny raised has gone to ME biomedical research charities.
Walk for ME has greatly supported Invest in ME Researchch and raised huge awareness for ME.

The Walk for ME facebook is at https://www.facebook.com/WalkforMEUK/

Web site is The Walk for ME website is at http://walkforme.co.uk/

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