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IIMEC2 London, June 2007

IIMEC2 2007 was our second annual international conference for ME.

The charity decided to make this a two-day conference - with themes for patients on one day and professionals on the second day.

This also allowed increased networking opportunities and increase the potential for one of the charity's main objectives - international collaboration between researchers.

Delegates and presenters from USA, Canada, Europe and South Korea attended and created a special atmosphere which is a credit to people with ME, their carers/parents and those researching/treating the illness.

We feel that good and useful connections were made - researchers discussing collaboration; ME Support groups discussing joint ventures and campaigns; carers and parents sharing experiences.

Past Conferences

IIMEC2 2007 was our second annual international conference for ME. The conference regularly attracts clinicians, researchers, healthcare staff, charities, support groups and patients and carers from twenty countries around the world.

This allows unique networking opportunities and increase the potential for one of the charity's main objectives - international collaboration between researchers.


IIMEC2 Conference Agenda 2007

Lecture Theatre Birdcage Walk

Conference Report

The 2nd International ME/CFS Conference 2007 took place in early June 2007 in London and was attended by presenters and delegates from 12 countries, from Europe, USA, Canada and even South Korea.

Invest in ME would like to thank all those who took part in the conference for contributing to the wonderful atmosphere which was present during both days of the conference. Many travelled from afar and the conference was a success because of the character and of all. The atmosphere at the conference showed the positive and forward-looking side of the ME community around the world.

We believe that everyone left not only with an enhanced knowledge gained from the conference but also with renewed hope for the future treatment and possible cure for myalgic encephalomyelitis. The breadth of knowledge, science and experience regarding ME, as discussed and presented at the conference, is not only impressive but also exciting.

We hope that the many contacts which were established at the conference will continue and we hope to remain in contact with as many of you as possible. To see renowned experts on ME discussing with each other and forming or re-enforcing collaborative efforts was reward enough for hosting the conference. To turn into reality our efforts to form a world alliance of campaigning ME Support organisations was also justification for the conference.

And then there were the presentations from our distinguished speakers. An amazing amount of knowledge was presented showing the organic nature of myalgic encephalomyelitis. Invest in ME published its first Journal of IiME, which also served as a conference brochure. Invest in ME have produced a DVD of the conference and it can be ordered here. The complete presentation materials are available and included on the conference DVD.

Conference DVD

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DVD Details

Format: PAL
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Contents Full presentations from conference plus pre-conference dinner speech

The views expressed at the Invest in ME International ME Conference conferences by the presenters and delegates to the conference and any information material distributed are their own personal opinions that are not necessarily shared or endorsed by the Trustees of Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research.

Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research accept no responsibility for the views expressed or any subsequent action taken. The contents of any presentation should not be deemed to be an endorsement, recommendation or approval of such content by Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research. The materials presented at the 1st Invest in ME International ME Conference 2006 do not constitute medical advice. No medical recommendations are given or implied by Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research. Any person registering or attending an Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research conference, or purchasing the DVD, who may take any action or consider medical treatment or referrals should take detailed advice from their own medical practitioner. Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research disclaims any implied guarantee about the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or relevance of any information contained at the conference.

By purchasing any of the conference DVDs you agree that Invest in ME/Invest in ME Research is not liable for any complications, injuries, loss or other medical problems arising from, or in connection with, the use of or reliance upon any information contained in the conference.


Images from IIMEC2, London, 2013

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Invest in ME wish to thank the following organisations for helping to sponsor the 2nd Invest in ME International ME Conference 2007.

The Irish ME Trust

The Irish ME Trust have sponsored a speaker at all of our conferences and we would like to thank them for their continued support.

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